Friday, 13 June 2014

Song of the week!

So last week I choose a rather folksy, easy listening tune for my Song of the week! This week, as the sun is shining and I feel like we should all have a pick me up for the weekend, I have chosen a more cheery, feel good song.

"Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song. 
You go ahead, let your hair down!"

I feel the lyrics: "Maybe sometimes, we feel afraid but it's alright" are words we need to remember. With my anxiety, I can feel afraid on a daily basis but that's alright. It's not nice for me to feel and I know I do not need to be afraid but it is okay that I am. It's okay to feel like that. It's okay to feel afraid. 

Anyway, I challenge you to turn this song up nice and loud and to have a little dance to it today! LET YOUR HAIR DOWN! 

p.s tell me your favourite song (I really would love to know!)

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