Monday, 27 October 2014

A lovely blog post

For this week's Quote of the Week I am sharing a blog post that I came across by Jessica Swift.
I feel there is nothing more to add as her words and her art say everything that is needed to hear. Such a beautiful post and words that I need to remember.

Please check out this post: 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shake it off!

Sooo I struggle with anxiety, worries and my messy mind. I am an overthinker and an overanalyser. I cannot flick that switch off. Anyone feel the same way?

Well I'm not claiming that one song will solve all your problems but I am saying that sometimes singing along loudly to an upbeat song with lyrics that you make relevant to you can make you feel good! Even if it is for about 4 minutes!

That is why my Song of the Week and Quote of the Week is: Shake it off!

A couple of months ago I bought this memory board and I was excited to fill it with lots of lovely, positive and happy things.

Well I haven't really done that...yet. So I thought I would attach the message: shake it off to remind me that I need to stop thinking lots of bad, worrisome thoughts and I need to just shake them off!

Firstly, I got my paints out and divided an A4 page into 4 and painted each part a different colour. I do not claim to be an artist; I was just painting for me. Once dried, I decided I would use the bold pink card and I wrote with a black fibre tipped pen the words shake it off.

Here it is:

What should I write on the other colours? Any words that motivate you or make you feel better?

Also, have a read of this if you need more convincing why 'shaking it off' can help you feel better:

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Why Zoella is truly an inspiration to many

Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, is a popular British blogger and vlogger but she is much more than just that; she is an inspiration to many. 

I first came across Zoe's blog when I typed in "anxiety" and "young people" into google, probably two years ago, and I discovered: Zoella

This post was about anxiety and panic attacks and, although it was a rather long post, I read every word as I felt it was much more relatable than other factual sites about anxiety. I have not suffered with panic attacks and I hope I never will but I do suffer with anxiety and like others, I often feel alone.

Since reading that blog post I have followed Zoella on her social media journey and I have enjoyed peeking into her life and reading her upbeat and positive words. As a young girl, she helped me as I could relate to her, I thought: 'Wow, look at her, she seems confident and happy but she suffers with anxiety. She understands. She knows how hard things can be sometimes.' but most importantly I thought: 'She's okay. She has good days and bad days. Anxiety does not stop her from living' and this is why Zoella is an inspiration.

She is very fitting for her new role as Digital Ambassador for the mental health charity, Mind and I have no doubt she will inspire many. She is young, relatable and most importantly a friendly face!

I am confident people will get behind her to raise awareness for anxiety and panic attacks in her new campaign #DontPanicButton and her aim to show solidarity to anxiety sufferers, to support each other and to be a supportive community. Thank you Zoe!