Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shake it off!

Sooo I struggle with anxiety, worries and my messy mind. I am an overthinker and an overanalyser. I cannot flick that switch off. Anyone feel the same way?

Well I'm not claiming that one song will solve all your problems but I am saying that sometimes singing along loudly to an upbeat song with lyrics that you make relevant to you can make you feel good! Even if it is for about 4 minutes!

That is why my Song of the Week and Quote of the Week is: Shake it off!

A couple of months ago I bought this memory board and I was excited to fill it with lots of lovely, positive and happy things.

Well I haven't really done that...yet. So I thought I would attach the message: shake it off to remind me that I need to stop thinking lots of bad, worrisome thoughts and I need to just shake them off!

Firstly, I got my paints out and divided an A4 page into 4 and painted each part a different colour. I do not claim to be an artist; I was just painting for me. Once dried, I decided I would use the bold pink card and I wrote with a black fibre tipped pen the words shake it off.

Here it is:

What should I write on the other colours? Any words that motivate you or make you feel better?

Also, have a read of this if you need more convincing why 'shaking it off' can help you feel better:

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