Sunday, 4 May 2014

That awkward first post...

So the first post of a blog...where do you start?

Can you just jump in and begin? Do you have to introduce yourself?
What do you say? AHHH.

How about...just write!!

Hmm what do I want to say? HELLO


What else? Welcome to my blog: Those Knots

 Just write whatever you want! 

Okay. So this is my blog. It is here for me to write about my thoughts and to be more creative whilst also, hopefully, helping myself to deal with my anxiety and to talk to other bloggers and connect with the blogging world. There are lots of blogs that inspire me to be more appreciative, to have more fun and to be more creative and I hope that I can create something lovely and little right here. I don't expect much from this blog and really I am just doing it for me but I do hope some people read it and like it and want to leave a comment. I am peeping into this big, blog world and I want to join in :)

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