Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday woes

I've never really been a big fan of Sundays (unless it's bank holiday weekend!). There's something about them that just make my anxiety and depression worst. That feeling of dread when you have a whole week of anxieties ahead of you is not nice.

So what are these woes that I am feeling?

- I'm worried I am not good enough to face this week's challenges.
- I have a course this week that requires interaction with people and I'm really scared/nervous. I hate pressured situations that expect you to come up with answers on the spot and play games or interact in a 'fun' way. I am shy, and sometimes quiet, and this scares me.
- I feel like a little girl unable to take on the world and sometimes I just want to stay in and hide.

Do these feelings sound familiar to you? What are your Sunday woes?

Here's to us all having a good week and overcoming those rainclouds lingering in our heads!

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