Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quote of the week!

A year ago, I was in a shop when this book/album appeared to me. It wasn't the quote "People change, memories don't" that compelled me to buy it but the beautiful illustration of the camera.

At the time I wasn't in the best spirits and I thought one day this could cheer me up and I could use it to store happy memories that I've spent with people I love.

Yesterday I started doing just that. I filled a page with pictures and started sorting through my pics to see what else I would like to include in this book.

Anxiety is hard and draining and it takes all of your brain and focuses it on negativity and worry but forcing your brain to remember happy memories you have had can have such a positive effect on you. Sometimes it's hard to think of happy days but try to remember those happier times and believe that there are many more happy memories waiting for you to make.


  1. That is such a beautiful drawing. I like the idea behind why you brought it too :)

    timid lioness