Monday, 2 January 2017


I am not going to use this post to write about all the horrible things that have happened this year. Instead I shall keep it short and sweet and just sum up some lovely things that have happened this year.

  • Signing up to Netflix has actually been a highlight of 2016. I have been able to feel cosy and safe tucked up in bed and forget about all the sadness. I've managed to catch up completely with Pretty Little Liars which I've loved!! 
  • I remember having a lovely meal with prosecco in Prezzo with two of my closest friends just randomly one day in April. We discovered the snapchat filters and laughed and laughed.
  • A windy beach walk with my family 
  • Having a night out on a bank holiday Sunday - a nice break amongst a school term. 
  • Having drinks to celebrate my Dad achieving something he should be very proud of 
  • Having a laugh in work and admiring a certain footballer who made a visit 
  • Random trip to Caerphilly Castle  (Lush!)
  • My Little box surprising me for a couple of months
  • Lovely country pub lunch, a nice walk and a relaxing bath all in one day in May
  • Cookie dough mmmm 
  • Watching Wales in the Euros with beer and nice food
  • Starbucks in the sun 
  • Bought my first ever Mac lipstick
  • Watching the musical The Sound of Music
  • A beautiful bonfire
  • Discovering I like poached eggs
  • Bridget Jones in the cinema- so funny!
  • Great live music from a local band
  • Great live music from Bastille
  • Reading inspiring books 

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