Sunday, 15 May 2016

Happy bursts

Living with anxiety is just that: life with anxiety in it. It becomes a part of you and sometimes we forget about the other parts of life that is not anxiety. I'm probably not making sense to most who read this but anyway, the point I'm trying to make is anxiety can consume you sometimes and other times you can have the chance to observe other things like... happiness.

Here are my observations of happiness:

  • The sun - it is lovely to see you again :)
  • The sky- day and night you are beautiful
  • Beautiful green nature 
  • Family 
  • Spontaneous trips with family 
  • Feeling comfortable with others 
  • Yummy dessert and drinks 
  • Appreciating art, architecture, history and culture
  • Celebrating
  • New music
  • Old music
  • Europe and the Eurovision (Yes, I am a fan)
  • Reading and learning and being inspired
  • Sleep
  • Not thinking ahead so much but living in the moment 
  • Reflecting on good times
  • Surprise box in the mail with lovely treats 
  • Taking pictures

In what form has happiness visited you lately?

1 comment:

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