Saturday, 12 July 2014

This week...

This week, I haven't posted my usual Quote of the week or my usual Song of the week posts.
This week, my anxiety was more prominent as I worried about lots of challenges I had to face.
This week, some of those challenges were met with happy, successful results.
This week, some of those challenges didn't turn out so well and are now  repeating in my head making me sad and annoyed at myself.

This week, I read the below words from: Weallmadhere

That’s the wonderfully bothersome thing about the brain, it projects your worst nightmares into reality like an old movie. You can view the screening any time, any place and completely free of charge.
This is how it feels like a lot of the time with me and my brain. I do not only get to view potential mistakes and nightmares that I could possibly (but not very likely) make but I also view all my past mistakes, failures and embarrassments at any time and any place.

This week, I was grateful to read this. I was grateful to know that I am not alone.

P.s. notice how my happy, successful results of this week are overshadowed by the negatives
 = anxiety :(

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